First the concept stage. Just letting the ol’ imagination flow. Editing storylines and developing characters. Then comes storyboarding. Setting the stage. I love a good page-turn. Comping up each page, throwing in the little nuances and keeping true to the characters is the most challenging part.

Then comes the reward of finished illustrations and seeing everything in print.

Jeremiah Furry Puppopavich
Written by Polly Jo Canfield
Illustrated by Scott Carroll
Published by Xulon Press ©2020

Jeremiah is not like other dogs. He has special abilities that he only wants to share with a best friend. Adoption Sunday is coming to his town and he is very excited for everything to go right. But his special abilities might just get in the way of him getting what he wants.

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Sorry Pup, Wrong Shoes
Written and Illustrated by Scott Carroll

Everyone knows that pups will do almost anything to go for a walk. But sometimes a family’s busy schedule isn’t so accommodating. Find out if “Pup’s” powers of persuasion will pay off.

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Reflexology Coloring Book
Written by Lisa Mary Chan
Illustrated by Scott Carroll
Copyright ©2008

“After practicing and teaching reflexology for many years, I have come to the conclusion that it would be most ideal if children could learn reflexology at the same time they learn to read. Thus, the idea of the Reflexology coloring book was born.”

— Lisa Mary Chan

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